Terms & Conditions



Qatar Manpower Solutions CO (WISA) is incorporated and registered in the State of Qatar, commercial registration No. is 128225, P.O: 9848 whose registered office is at 6th floor, Alowinah Tower. Museums park St. Doha, Qatar.


WISA is manpower solutions and recruitment business where skilled workers service is being provided to individuals on a short period of time

Our aim is :

    • To meet the community's needs and provide various options in terms of household services.
    • To Integrate and strengthen cooperation with our partners in the sector.
    • To provide all type of social care and oversee the rights of our workers' and interests.


      • These terms and conditions form the entire contract between WISA and the client.
      • Incidental documentation may be required for reference purposes to establish variables which are specific to a contract and are not recorded here.
      • This terms and conditions or any additional agreement are subject to the law of the state of Qatar.
      • These Terms and Conditions (including the Privacy Policy contain all the terms relating to the use of this website and mobile applications .
      • These Terms and Conditions supersede all previous contracts, arrangements, representations (other than fraudulent misrepresentation), terms implied by law, and understandings between the parties whether written, orally, or otherwise.
      • These Terms and Conditions are written in the English language. If you do not understand English, please obtain assistance as necessary for you to understand these Terms and Conditions as you will be deemed to understand and accept them if you use this website and mobile applications.
      • The periods indicated in Terms & conditions shall be calculated to the Gregorian calendar.
      • Monthly Service means 26 days.


      • The customer is entitled of worker replacement otherwise he/she shows no complaisance to WISA terms and conditions.
      • All type of services is subject to availability.
      • WISA's workers have been professionally selected and trained in basic skills. However, the level of experience might differ from one to another.
      • The client is expected to specify the required service to meet his/her expectation.
      • WISA's workers are responsible for delivering the service based on their profession and the requested service.
      • Workers are expected to be treated well and to be provided with all necessity as well as a good work environment.
      • Female workers must operate with the existence of a female.
      • The worker is only allowed to work in particular urban area houses inside the state of Qatar.
      • Workers are only allowed to deliver the service to the client whose name is mentioned in the request.
      • Referring to the above-mentioned points and in case of no compliance, WISA is granted of blocking client profile or any related profile without his/her entitlement of refund, denial to access the website or mobile applications, and possibly legal action being brought against him/her.
      • Entitlement of certain service or features may only be available to particular registered members or might subject to the level of service.



Our aim is to provide the best‏ service. Unfortunately, things do not always go according to plan due to some reasons, such as force majeure, traffic conditions, weather condition,‏ technical issue, workforce unavailability which might occasionally prevent us from achieving our targets to provide the requested service. Therefore, WISA is entitled to replace the worker without prior notification in such cases.


      • WISA team is committed to doing the very best to ensure that the request is maintained and delivered on time.
      • The timing of the request is determined by taking into account the number of requests and the circumstances being faced.
      • Delivery time is not fixed and it can be less or more for 20 minutes.
      • Client shall confirm his/her existence and readiness to host the worker during each delivery either by a phone call or application confirmation or manually. Otherwise, the client is not entitled to any service or refund.


      • WISA workers are selected based on our high recruitment standards and have been trained well in which we can fulfill the client's satisfaction. However, they are not liable for any damage or loss unless it is committed with full intention (Bad faith and intent).
      • The worker is under client's responsibility during duty hours until service is accomplished.
      • The worker is not allowed to take any item from clients' property with or without his/her permission and it's the client responsibility to ensure that nothing is missing.
      • By using this website and mobile applications, you agree that WISA will not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, consequential, or any other loss arising from the use (or non-use) of the information and services contained in this website, mobile site, and mobile applications or from your access of other material via links from this website and mobile applications.
      • The exclusions and limitations contained in these Terms and Conditions apply to the maximum extent permitted by law.
      • WISA does not guarantee that use of this website and mobile applications will be compatible with all hardware and software which may be used by visitors to the site.


If any client wishes to cancel his/her request, the refund shall apply as below:

Hourly Service:

      • If cancelation is before 6 hours of the scheduled time, a 100% refund will be given.
      • If cancelation time is less than 6 hours and more than 4 hours of the scheduled time, a 50% refund will be given.
      • If cancelation time is less than 4 hours of the scheduled time, no refund will be given.
      • Cancelation shall not be allowed in off hours (Between 10:00 PM – 7:00 AM).
      • Cash On Delivery cancelation will be overdue and the client will be blocked until full amount and fees are paid.


Scheduled Service:

      • For scheduled services, the first day of Service is considered a probation period.
      • If you cancel within the probation period, charges will apply as per Hourly prices for probation period ONLY. The remaining amount will be refunded.
      • After the probation period, if Client wishes to cancel the service 50% refund will be given for the remaining period on prorate basis.


Monthly Service:

      • If cancellation is within the probationary period (Three [3] days) 50% can be refunded.
      • If cancellation is after the probationary period and up to 7 days from the signing date, 25% can be refunded.
      • If cancellation is after 7 days from the signing date, a refund is not applicable.


If a client wishes to change his scheduled time of service, below policy shall apply:

      • The client shall change service time at least 4 hours before the scheduled time.
      • The client shall be charged flat QAR 25 of billing amount.
      • If the client is changing his request less than 4 hours before scheduled time, he should only be able to cancel his request and no refund will be given as per cancelation policy.
      • Client shall not be able to change his/her request in off hours ((Between 10:00 PM – 7:00 AM).
      • Above same policy shall be applied for monthly service contracts.


      • The client is required to pay the entire amount in advance.
      • The total price displayed includes all applicable fees except service extension.
      • The minimum cost of each service is 120 QR.
      • Prices might vary based on the level of service or time of the request or for other reasons.
      • Prices are liable to change at any time, but changes will not affect confirmed requests.
      • The client is fully responsible for any claim or refund if applicable.
      • The worker is not allowed to take any extra charge or fees related to the service directly. However, overtime fees must be collected by supervisor whereas client is entitled of payment receipt.
      • The client is able to cancel the request where cancelation policy is applied.
      • The client is able to change request whereas change policy is applied..
      • If amended prices are lower than the price of ongoing service or completed service, the difference is not refunded.
      • If payment is not fully realized, the request is subject to cancelation by WISA without prior notice.
      • Payment for all service can be made by cash on delivery, credit card or debit card.
      • There will not be refund if the client doesn't respond to WISA team communication prior to or during drop off.
      • The blocked client will not refund even if complete requested service is not redeemed.
      • In case of cancelation 6 hours prior to service scheduled time, the client will be granted the remaining balance for a one-year period.

If you are purchasing your service using a credit card, on WISA.qa, WISA may require the cardholder to provide additional payment verification upon request by submitting an online form, visiting the office or upon worker’s delivery.