• Who are we? (WISA)

WISA was established under the decree of His Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Industry No. 391 of 2018 for the purpose of recruiting workforce for the company’s own account and managing their services to others, providing professional services for elderly and people with special needs, rotating expatriate workers within the state of Qatar, and increasing the level of workers skills.

We believe in our role with our partners in the field, in catering the needs of the community by providing domestic skilled workers and reducing the excessive dependence on recruitment by providing several services that include temporary packages and several options that meet the needs and wishes of our client.

  • What do we do?

Wisa provides specialized labor in domestic work such as: nannies, housekeeping, drivers and others where their services are provided for temporary periods. And Wisa is keen to expand the process to all professions.

  • Why Wisa?

Wisa aims to provide more alternatives and quick options for families during the worker's sudden departure or when the workers go on vacation. The Service provided shall be sufficiently skilled and knowledgeable to perform the required tasks

  • How to use Wisa?

We provide a range of tools that facilitate the customer's request and the like through the website, telephone, WhatsApp and mobile applications, the process require only the provision of required data such as personal data and contact data in order to provide the service to the fullest.

  • What are the available nationalities?

Wisa will always seek to provide the best service. We have multiple nationalities. They are all trained and skilled to perform the services at in your house, and we always seek to enhance their skills.  So please call our call center to get more information.

  • What is the minimum and the maximum number of hours for our daily requests?

Minimum: 4 hours

Maximum: 8 hours

Maximum Overtime:2 hours

  • What are the available packages?

Daily package: we provide the daily package (only once) and the client have to reorder.

Weekly package: the client can schedule some days during the month, and benefits from choosing a worker and have the ability to change at any time.

Monthly package: Monthly service with discounted prices.

  • Prices?

20 QAR- Per hour for the Minimum of 4 hours per day

20 QAR- additional per hour                                                                                                                         

20 QAR- urgent request                                                                                                                                      

25 QAR- change request charge                                                                                                                           

2800 QAR- monthly service                                                                                                                                    

30 QAR- monthly overtime

  • What are our payment methods?

You can pay by Cash or By POS machine, we have both payment methods.

  • Do we cover all the areas in Qatar?

Yes, Subjected to the requested services and availability.

  • Do we provide sponsorship transfer service?

Wisa will have the employees under its sponsorship, and provide them temporarily to costumers.

  • Do WISA workers have experience?

We aim to provide the best of skills for our workers, to make sure they perform their best all the time. We are providing trained and skilled domestic workers. And we will always keep them on training classes.

  • Do you provide workers on Off- days?

Yes, we will provide.

  • Do you Provide transportation for the workers on their place of duty?

Yes, we always seek to give the best type of transportation for our workers from and to their place of duty.